At the beginning you should always use not more than half a pill to ensure the best impact on your erection and on your sexual life. It is not recommended to use more than one pill a day since it might put a big stress on the body. Cobra is not a stimuli for the penis to erect itself so you need to be aroused for Cobra to be effective. It’s not that hard since you are expecting company when using this drug. It might be a good thing not to neglect the foreplay for the drug to be 100 % effective. Alcohol and fatty foods decrease the effectivity so be sure not to eat and drink heavy before using the pill.

Who can use it?

Almost every man on the planet can use Cobra to have the best sexual intercourse in his life however there are those who are forbidden to use this drug. The manufacturer warns about this on the back of the package where you can also read about side effects. Those excluded from usage of the drug are the same as with any other erectile pills since they work on the same principle and have the same characteristics. Bad blood pressure, heart problems, lung problems and other disease no compatible with using this drug.

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